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Prep Grade 1 & 2 final
2020 School-8
2020 School-37
Whole School 2020
2020 School-40

School and Kindy Photos

Hamilton Island Photography is happy to present our Photography Packages for the

Annual Hamilton Island State School and Kindy Photos.


Photography Dates

Kindy: Wednesday the 18th of August at 8:30 am.

State School: Thursday the 19th of August at 9 am.

Early Bird Prices

$25 per child (Pre-order before the 19th of August)

$35 per child after the 19th of August

School and Kindy Photography Print Package.

Each child will receive...


1 x ( 8 x 12") Individual Child Photo

2 x ( 6 x 8") Individual Child Photos

2 x ( 6 x 4") Individual Child Photos

1 x ( 8 x 12")  Class Photo

1 x ( 8 x 12")  Whole School Photo

Sibling Photos will be included for FREE in the above package.

1 x ( 8 x 12") Sibling Photo

1 x ( 6 x 8") Sibling Photo

The Pre-order closing date is the 19th of August.

The final order closing date is the 31st of August.

Order Delivery and Digital Download.

Your Printed Photos will be delivered to the School or the Kindy by the 15th of September.

A High-Resolution Digital copy of each child's photo will be available with each package purchased.

(We will email you with the details)

How to Make a Payment?

  1. Click on the Pay Now button to make your Payment.

Please email all your Enquires to


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