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Real Estate Special Offers

It’s time to take your property's sale potential to the next level with a 3D Virtual Tour.

Your 3D tour with its truly immersive potential will allow buyers to experience a life-like “walk through” of your property,

providing the opportunity to explore your property in incredible detail online, no matter where they are in the world.


As a special offer to our Hamilton Island Real Estate clients you can now purchase your 3D Virtual tour for just $125 per property.

This fantastic price also includes 1 year of site hosting valued at $100

Purchase one of our 3D Tours now and recieve a 50% reduction on any of our normal Videography or Photography Packages.

Videography Pricing*:
•    One bedroom                                               $125 (was $250)
•    Two bedroom                                                $160 (was $325)
•    Three bedroom                                             $210 (was $425)
•    Four or more bedrooms                               $225 (was $550)


Photography Pricing*:
•    One bedroom                                                $125 (was $250) (Up to 14 images)
•    Two bedroom                                                 $160 (was $325) (Up to 16 images)
•    Three bedroom                                              $210 (was $425) (Up to 20 plus images)
•    Four or more bedrooms                                $225 (was $550) (Up to 26 plus images)

*Reduced price shown available only when paired with virtual tour.

Real Estate 3D Virtual Tour


Real Estate Videography

To truly showcase your property then Video is the medium.

Our engaging lifestyle videos will set your property above the rest

Real Estate Photography

Whether you have recently renovated your property or are thinking of selling,

Hamilton Island Photography offers a variety of professional and affordable real estate photographic services.

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