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Aerial Photography & Videography

Hamilton Island Photography are the only pre-approved UAV (Drone) Pilots

available to provide Commercial Drone operations on Hamilton Island & Dent Island.

Our Pilots are all CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) qualified and each holds there AROC radio licenses.

Due to safety concerns and the close proximity of the aerodrome to our resort and island infrastructure,

the use of drones for recreational / sport purposes is not permitted on Hamilton Island,

Dent Island and the waters surrounding Hamilton Island, Dent Island and Henning Island.

Read our full drone policy.

If you would like to book us to preform flight operations for your event or property then we do require a minimum or 5 business days to provide our services if the intended flight times are outside of the Airport Operational Hours. (9am to 3:30pm)

If your intended flight times are within the normal operational ours of the Airport then we will need to seek approval from CASA and this proses takes a minimum of 6 weeks with an additional cost of $800

Hamilton Island Photography supply there services for Commercial Purposes Only.

The below prices include the Drone and a Pilot and a Radio Operator/Spotter as per CASA regulations.

All of the footage will be shot in 4K and the images captured as RAW files unless otherwise agreed.


Up to and Including 30 minutes (Time on Site) of Aerial Photography / Videography

with all of the imagery/ footage supplied un-edited.$200


Up to and Including 30 minutes (Time on Site) of Aerial Photography / Videography

with all of the Imagery supplied edited. $300


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